About 10 concerned guys offered public testimony on proposed land use changes this afternoon (12/16/15) to the huge Research & Development Park (R & T) divided by Lipoa Parkway, mauka of the highway. For some history see, https://gokihei.org/?s=R+%26+T+Park&submit=Search .The majority offering public testimony were in favor of the action. Of course the majority were already affiliated with the R & T Park, so as workers, paid consultants or contractors or some sort of financial or other interest, that was not surprising.

While there are numerous concerns, with the three minute time limit, we concentrated on that prevailing and almost never ending issue of transportation. Our focus was more on the general topic, as the Council does not seem to consider the overall effect on numerous projects of various sizes and types collectively, as each developer’s traffic consultant states our project will have minimal effect, as South Maui area clogs and chokes as an result of this collective “death by a thousand cuts.”

The committee voted unanimously in favor of all three segments of the issue with no additional conditions or restrictions.

As always the entire meeting was telecast live & will be repeatedly shown on Akaku CH 53.
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