The first meeting of the New Year began with guest aquatic activist Darrel Tanaka presenting a brief proposal in support of proposed state legislation to limit fish catch of specific species in our ocean. Details will be available of the website, in a few weeks.

            President Jon Miller then offered a power point to highlight some areas of need to be included in the KCA’s offering to Mayor Tavares for the next fiscal budget, before members of the board elaborated on specific items in the areas of natural environment, parklands, infrastructure and education. The community members then divided into four discussion groups to add others areas of concern, and elaborate on those proposed, before a member of each group presented a synopsis of each group’s conclusions to those in attendance.

            Jon closed the meeting with mahalo to all, & announced there will be no community meeting in February, and invited everyone to the next will be on March 17. Green attire will not be required.

            A detailed article on the meeting will be available in next week’s edition of the Maui Weekly