It’s the third Tuesday of this month, so how come there’s no KCA community meeting? “The KCA is not fully prepared to bring forth to the community the next issue of concern,” offers board member Michael DiBella. “We do not want to appear to be rushing into a meeting for that sake. We will be prepared for March with an exciting and relevant topic. The KCA would encourage its membership to contact us directly with any suggestions for consideration for future meetings. We do value your input and hope you would speak out where you have concern,” DiBella concludes.


            In a strategic planning session, the 2009 KCA board targeted some focus areas, leading with the upcoming county budget and that subject was handled at our January Kihei Community Meeting; other issues for board members include environmental, educational, and development projects.  Mike Moran will be working on Pump Don’t Dump and with Bob Pickering, on the recycled water and injection wells issues. Mike will also be continuing his updates to the community association about other environmental issues.  Bob Richardson and Andrew Beerer will be working on our South Maui Parks, promoting the South Maui Regional Park and the new Pavilion at Kamaole Point and security issues at Kalama Park, and the completion of the Pedestrian Trail at Kalama.   Richardson will also be working with the board and Community Work Day and others to improve a safe route to school for Kihei’s children. Beerer will be working on better communication between the local schools and the KCA and progress on our new Kihei High School, while taking a special interest in the Kihei Charter Schools.  DiBella and President Jon Miller will be working with the Krause Co and others to bring to the Kihei community a plan for s Kihei Town Center project that is being considered.  Miller is also working to bring a new level of accountability to the KCA with more timely web site updates and accountability.  Don Couch is pursuing the North- South Collector road topic.


            Since there’s no collection for donations to the Maui Food Bank, if you can’t get this month’s canned foods to them, please double up for the March 17 meeting. Call 879-5390 or check     Mahalo