Committee approves project; none of KCA’s concerns included

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This afternoon (9/30/15) we once again gave testimony concerning this proposed project on this frequently observed site makai of the Highway on South side of Kaonoulu.

We again (third time) stated full support of affordable rentals, while not abandoning required infrastructure, primarily the N-S Collector Road, including bike path and greenway, and environment. We requested sound decisions by the elected legislators now, and not “kicking it down the road” by relying on the volunteer Planning Commissioners with their limited abilities. . Our question to LUC was if this developer does not need to build this road segment, what comes next? Will taxpayers pay for it. Will it just be ignored, as all manner of development all around is built, with no plans for infrastructure? Professions and residents agree much of Kihei was developed with little or no planning, and while we can not go back, is not insanity to do the same thing over & over expecting a different result. Schools, commercial and residential developments in Kihei, Wailea and Makena march on, but no new way to transport the users. No safe bike ways, so they cant use bicycles, and no new or expanding roads for motor vehicles. WHAT IS THE PLAN?

A total of four individuals testified including two from KCA; others were RAM spokesperson Dave De Leon and a small businesswoman from Makawao.

Regarding the NSCR, the committee seemed satisfied that, per DPW Rowena Dagdag Andaya, this is on the STIP for 2020, which we interpret to mean the earliest in could begin construction is 6 years away


The next hearing will be before the full Council, which is expected to accept the recommendation. Then it will be a Special Management Area permit request, & hearing before the County Planning Commission