After last evening’s (9/16/14) general membership meeting, one conclusion may be the start of the very long delayed Kihei High School (KHS) is still a long way off, and allowing the construction time, the first class may not be admitted until 2020…or even later! 

KCA Director and Kihei High School Action Team (KHAT) founder Andrew Beerer strove to offer a positive outlook, as did our State Legislator Roz Baker, with perhaps a tinge of frustration. Hawaii Board of Education Planner Nick Nichols and the HDOE consultant Christine Ruotola, of Group 70, did their best to explain how so much of the decision making is out of their hands. But it seems apparent that the often proclaimed $130.M needed to build the proposed facility is NOT in hand.

Perhaps we will have to wait until Nov 5, to determine who will be running the state administration, to determine how our proposed high school will fare.

In addition the Nominating Committee (NomCom) for the 2015 BOD was elected by the general membership. They will be interviewing all potential candidates to begin serving on 1/1/15.

Look for a professional report on the meeting in the Maui Weekly

Our Oct 21 meeting will include all six candidates for the mayor’s, and County Council in Kahului and So. MauiIMG_8921 IMG_8917

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