General Plan

After very quickly consuming several donated Shaka Pizzas & Star Market cookies and bottled water, about 70 community members settled in to hear KCA board member Laura Marzke inform all of several pertinent local issues and events before moderator Don Couch explained the parameters of the meeting on the GPAC issue as he introduced planner David Michelson for a power point presentation, preceding GPAC members Susan Moikeha, Stan Franco, and Rep. Joe Bertram III explanation of the planning process for Maui.

Then the community members took over, voicing opinions and ideas in discussion groups, as the three speakers and GPAC member Warren Shibuya, who attends ALL meeting pertaining to GPAC, circulated to offer advice and answer questions. A spokesperson for each group then voiced that group’s highlights to be reported to the GPAC by the KCA.

KCA says Mahalo to Shaka Pizzas and Star Market for donation of delicious food and water. Please plan to attend our next community meeting, Tuesday June 17 concerning Maui County Public Works.