Coral Reefs

After consuming numerous Round Table Pizzas generously donated for the meeting, well over 100 concerned citizens settled in as board member Laura Marzke started off with community announcements and introduction of our honored guests, Kuhea Paracuelles, Liz Foote, and Russell Sparks to make presentations concerning our deteriorating coral reef systems

As a bonus, Russell also invited Brian Barsky for U of H who is working with both the state and county on removing excess algae in a trial project in waters off Waipuilani Park.

The next community meeting set for August 19 concerns the South Maui Coastal Heritage Trail. Please plan to be there and remember to bring canned food donations for the Maui Food Bank.

Following brief presentations by Russell, Liz, and Brian, Kuhea offered a power point on the International Year of the Reef, and then educated on the topic, the listeners divided into four discussion groups to conclude what actions KCA should pursue to help rectify the problem, presenting their findings to conclude the meeting.