Thirty-five hard working volunteers showed up at 8:30 Saturday morning at the Kihei Boat Ramp to take part in a restoration project with sponsors the KCA, Community Work Day Program, and the Rotary Club of Kihei Wailea. 

The plan for the first two hours was to spread trail mulch on the Coastal Heritage Trail extending from the boat ramp to Kamaole Beach Park III.  “This was the hardest part of the day, but very rewarding” said KCA member and Rotary Club President Lis Richardson.  “We were very grateful for the overcast sky and gentle breeze.”  At 10:30 the venue moved to Kamaole Point where Community Work Day and the volunteers would be planting over 75 native plants in an area where the native Wedge-tailed shearwater, uau kani (Puffinus pacificus) sea birds nest in underground burrows.  That project also went as planned and we ever were blessed to see some of the native birds in the area. 

 A delicious lunch for the participants was prepared by Francine Yamamoto, a valuable staff person for CWD.  Partnership programs like this one between KCA, Rotary, and the Community Work Day Program are the best way for  large projects like these to be accomplished in short order. 

Mahalo to all in the community that took part and supported the effort.