UPDATE  10/1/13; Your all volunteer Association had three Directors and several members in attendance this evening as the Mayor and his staff assembled to hear from the community. While this meeting is located and targeted to our community, several testifiers from other regions offered their needs and suggestions to the Mayor and his staff on a variety of concerns, some regionalized, and some island wide. We were unaware of any media in attendance.


Can South Maui convince them that our community deserves more and better?  Starting at 6:00 PM this Tuesday, October 1, 2013, public comments will be accepted at the Community Center on Lipoa regarding the FY 2015 county budget. This is the initial step in the months long process each year, to develope a plan on how your taxes are spent by your county government. For the next several months the admistration will formulate the budget based on input from various entities, not only in this series of public community events, but also by individual and group meetings in the ninth floor offices. We encourage you to voice your preferences to your government.

Months later, the finished product will be presented to the County Council, who will then begin their own process of community public meetings, as well as office meetings, as they accept or modify the numerous segments of the “Mayor’s Budget.”



Perhaps each segment of our Island, and our entire County, may believe it does not receive a fair share of the capital improvement projects for their community. Here are the financial figues from the mayor’s office for the last fiscal year budget. Do you think our community receives a fair representative portion?