6/13/21 #Kihei

Since her first term as the S. Maui District Resident County Council Member, Kelly King has met with the KCA board of directors every quarter. Last Thursday (6/10/21), was our second quarter meeting as she answered KCA queries and offered info on Council doings. So often our perspective concerns our district being shortchanged in numerous ways.

Prior to our meeting she was at the Kihei Water Reclamation facility to examine the Ridge to Reef’s pilot project using the R-1 treated water to irrigate vetiver grass planted there. While this is better than pumping it down the injection wells and then into the kai, Kelly suggested planting a useful crop there such as hemp or bamboo. We agree. 

Kelly advised there is funding in the FY 2022 budget for a satellite district office of the Council in S. Maui, expected to open before the end of 2021. The next step is to select a facility and hire staff.

After numerous requests over many years for a pilot project to paint a green bike lane in S. Maui, Kelly placed funds in the district budget to purchase paint and materials, as a KCA sponsored private/public partnership. Numerous studies (and logic) indicate green bike lanes provide increased visibility and safety for cyclists of all ages where there is no segregated bike path.

fGreen Bike Lanes

KCA explained our suggestion of examining another pilot project for a ”mock-up” roundabout at the intersection of Lipoa and Liloa. This would be a temporary lay out with painted lines and traffic cones to determine how the intersection would function if a roundabout replaced the present signalized one.

Kelly explained the variations between the two vacation rental moratorium bills, both on the agenda for the next full Council meeting on June 18 at 9:00 a.m.

We discussed the challenge of most development in S. Maui due to the dearth of transportation infrastructure. We see this as a result of mostly ignoring the requirement of the 1998 Community Plan stating “infrastructure should be concurrent with development”.

Under discussion now is the future of County government meetings of both the administration panels and the Council and its committee meetings. Will on line virtual meetings continue in some way? Also the County Charter Commission is examining proposed community suggestions to modify the County Charter.

KCA is most appreciative of our Councilor faithfully meeting with us each quarter.