With the strong disappointment of the failure to get PIA 10 (16) County Manager on this November ballot still lingering a week later, this Committee began exploring the remaining items shortly after 9:00 AM this morning (7/5/16). No public testimony was taken. We believe Item PIA10 (14) Council Approval of Department Director Appointments, which we favored if Council Manager was not approved, could offer some improvement of the current process. Once again this proved a very complex matter, as by the lunch break it was far from settled. Discussion continued in the afternoon.

At one point to allow staff time to make some proposed adjustments offered in discussion, Chair Victorino asked the 8 committee members to examine PIA 10 (5) Attorneys Within The Office of County Services     

This one proved less complex and generated less challenge and first reading was quickly accomplished by all (Couch was excused)

They moved onto to PIA 10 (10) Prohibit the Corp Counsel and the Prosecuting Attorney, and Their Deputies, From Aiding in the Election or Defeat or Defeat of Any Candidate for County Public Office) voted 7-0.

Next PIA 10(11) Designated Planning Commission Seats For Leaders of Hawaiian Cultural and Environmental Protection Groups, after modification from Cochran, was raised. KCA strongly approved of this solely for the Maui Commission, without comment on the two other island Commissions.

Hokama voiced doubts it would work for Lanai’s and Crivello similar for Molokai’s, which is understandable. However Baisa challenged that there were countless other disciplines that could also be required, seemingly an attempt to keep the current system in place. Our understanding is that there are no requirements for Commissioners beyond residency, but the reality is that the mayor continually appoints (& the Council approves) guys who clearly represent builders unions, realtors and developers. Some may feel our consistently deteriorating environment is at least a partial result of this. Look at the dire state of the coral reef system

PD Deputy Director Michelle McLean voiced lack of support for the changes. Ultimately Cochran withdrew and moved to file this matter after experiencing seemingly conflicting input from Corp Counsel and lack of support from committee members.      

They moved onto PIA 10 (7) Council Approval of Mayor’s Appointment of Department Directors, which after some discussion Victorino sought to amend.

Finally Items 10 (1); 10 (7) and 10 (9) were quickly filed, while items 10 (15) and 10 (3) were deferred before adjournment.

The next PIA meeing is scheduled for 7/11/16 at 9;00 AM



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