7/8/24 #kihei 

At 11:00 AM today all three candidates for the County Council South Maui residency seat participated in Civil Beat’s (CB) only Maui action for the primary election in August. When the event commenced there were only about a dozen attending, but as it continued that number doubled. CB allowed an untimed opening comment from incumbent Tom Cook, his predecessor – 3-term member Kelly King – and the new contender for the office, life-long Kihei resident Johnny Prones. 

The opening comments were followed by a series of questions, repeated to all candidates.

Kelly King, Tom Cook and Johnny Prones are front and center at the Cameron Center auditorium in Wailuku

Civil Beat team Jessica Terrell and Chad Blair set up at the rear of the room to oversee the event. Not pictured, Nathan Eagle  asked the questions, while seated at the far left of the candidate table in front of the room

Kelly King

 The process continued until noon, when all in attendance were invited to an  informal “meet and greet” with everyone.

File photos of Tom Cook, as due to technical problem we have none taken live at this event.  We were not alone with tech issues, as the audio system was not sufficient, so all participants had to speak  without microphones. As the room is small, this was not an issue.

Look for a report on the event on the Civil Beat website  https://www.civilbeat.org/

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