7/25/22 #kihei

The first action is selecting which political party is best for you.  One technique is to decide which offices are most important to you to help determine your party choice in state and federal races.

This is the “back” of the ballot or page 2. It continues with the partisan candidates divided by party, the middle and right columns are NOT by party, so you vote for whomever you want but not for more than the number specified.


You see only 4 council races here, as they are the only districts with more than 2 candidates, and the top 2 vote getters in each district will move on to the general election.  As the other 5 areas have just 2 candidates, all of them are on the November ballot, so no need to have them on primary ballot. Thus all nine 2 person races for council will be on the November general election ballot.



This  is page 1 and first action is to select a party which defines how you can vote in State & Federal races


Which party you select is up to you. Some believe the federal congress official is most important, so that is their determining factor. Others believe contests within Hawaii are more important, so regional state representatives and senators are their guide.  As county contests are not effected, they do not enter into the choice in this scenerio.

Our district of South Maui has historically been one of the worst for lack of participation in elections.  While we had increased turn out in the last election, probably influenced by all mail voting, proportionally we still lag way behind. Over the years we have been asked for the reason, and we cannot say for sure why.  But we do say this is not good for our community. You can make a difference not only by voting, but working with our ‘ohana to insure everyone does.

We will continue with our candidate forums after this primary election is pau. The next one is September 20, 2022 at 6:30 pm. Stay tuned to GoKihei.org for details.


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