5/14/24 #kihei #mobility #sidewalks


No sidewalks on South Kihei Road in this area South of Kaonoulu, the same situation on much of SKR across North Kihei

Remember when a mayoral candidate promised, if elected, we would get one mile of sidewalks on South Kihei Road? In his 4 year term we did not get a single inch. A new housing project at the corner of Ohukai and Kaiola had an agreement that the builder would build  the larger part of sidewalks on Kaiola while the County Public Works (DPW) would the the strip on Ohukai.  We have a new sidewalk on Kaiola, but still none on Ohukai. When pressed, the DPW director said,he was waiting for the State to pass a law that would allow sidewalk construction makai of the Highway without a Special Management Area (SMA) permit. That happened in 2023, but no sidewalks.

Developer constructed sidewalks on Kaiola end at Ohukai, while County never did their part on Ohukai, so pedestrians are left to walk in the traffic lane

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