UPDATE  May 12, 2014   Almost 3 months later since this originally was examined on 2/17/14, these 3 shopping carts remain. It is at least curious why all the others were cleared out, why leave just these 3?

We had a report the end of last week, from a member that a lot of retail store grocery carts had been dumped into the wetlands pond on north side of Pi’ikea, but we were unable to explore until President’s Day a few days later. The ponds on each side of the road just mauka of SKR had become of more pronounced concern as we try to follow the projected Downtown Kihei Commercial project of the Krausz Companies, which would be dissected by this road and cover the area between Liloa Dr and these ponds over to Lipoa. The fenced ponds had always provided a pleasant vista with numerous local and migrating birds visited them frequently, so to hear they have been “trashed” was distressing.

However, when we arrived, we could see “just” three carts at the makai edge- not that there should be any!-, but eleven Safeway ones nested along the outside of the fence on the edge of the roadway. We can only conclude that Safeway is recovering them to be transported up the hill for store use.

We have to wonder who has the time energy and desire to do this stuff.