Public Invited to Open House for District Park Plans

9/12  We are seeing a lot of misinformation and unsubstantiated claims about the aquatic center. It is of no value. Who gave you the information & what is their source?

9/3/17 #kihei
Do we have enough parks ? Enough facilities at our parks? What can make this situation better? “THEY” are asking, so we better answer. The County Parks Department will have an “open house” on Thursday, Sep. 14 at the Kenolio Rec Center starting at 5:00 PM. There is no “presentation”: just show up and express your input. Some potential concepts to consider are:

  • Ideas to improve parks, recreation facilities, and programs
  • The kinds of parks that are needed
  • Ways that aquatics facilities can be improved
  • Ways to continue development of the community park –  what’s next after the gym? What happened to the bike path across the park?

For information on this project, please contact David Yamashita, Planner VI at 270-6508 or