We had a remarkable day on Monday, March 7th at Kamaole 2.  We were a group of 35 strong.  On Sunday I received a call from Justine Odenwaelder a dean of The Forman School, a boarding school in Litchfield, Ct.  She and two other chaperon’s had a group of 13 high school students vacationing on Maui and wanted to work with us on Monday morning.  As Justine said, “we decided to run a March Break trip to broaden the students and our own horizons.  Conservation work in Hawaii has allowed us to show the students how they can give back to the island and the community.”  They all arrived on time, were eager and attentive to the task at hand.  They and our group blended into a great team.  Both Mary Kielty and Sue Kiang from the Parks Dept were on site to help inspire the group.  It was a remarkable day.