Deja ve? As you may recall, it was just six months ago when we had this same scenario, same development, similar request, same committee, same location and yes, KCA basically same testimony, because we see no change after six months. We wonder if the Councilors do?

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Our community has the same concerns. We read the KMCP and ask is the County government following it or just ignoring some parts and changing others. More South Maui development, but no more infrastructure.

We have had a good relationship with the Guys at R & T, and believe many of the design ideas often guided by progressive thinking of Peter Calthorp and his team aiming for good planning within the picturesque park mauka of the Highway, but even as they aim for a self contained mixed use project, it has to fit into the surrounding and connecting infrastructure.

Further, the wait for the County’s South Maui Transportation Study extends for years, and it is our understanding it is now awaiting a current budget amendment at the Council. How can they make development decisions without considering transportation plans? They certainly can not make informed ones, that is sure.

So if you have an opinion, be in the Council Chambers at 1:30 on Wednesday or at least send them to the Committee at


Steve Perkins

Steve Perkins