Planning Commission OK’s special use permit request mauka of Pi’ilani Highway in South Kihei by 5-1 vote

7/25/17 #kihei
After a contentious stand-off just two weeks ago, did you think this would be easy? With the absence of Commissioner Tina Gomes this morning, some guys did. With grumblings that she should have recused herself from the last meeting not an issue today since she was not present, it might have been. But Commissioner Christian Tackett’s bulldog-like challenges for a myriad of reasons prolonged discussions..A presentation was delivered and public testimony offered, including KCA’s testimony, and finally a vote was taken with approval 5-1.

There are nine commissioners, so why a 5-1 vote?

  • Current Chair Sandra Duvauchelle does not cast a vote unless it affects the outcome
  • As mentioned, Commissioner Gomes was absent
  • Commissioner Pua Canto resigned
  • But so long as 5 people vote (a majority of the 9) it takes effect, as happened now

Most guys agree that means a majority and mostly they mean more than half.

SEE : for the history of the project.