12/31/18    So you can call it a: misunderstanding, misinterpretationmisconstruction, misreading, misapprehensionmisconception,  or a screw up, but there is no public access at the site. The five foot wide strip between the fences does exist, but it is not for the public use! So until the site is somewhat open, and the entrance roadway is completed (2020?) kids must seek another route to schools. We published what we were advised, and this is what we were advised today.

Today a sign blocks the path which is contrary to information we were given and shared with the community earlier this month . We will seek an update next week.

12/29/18 #kihei.

There has been a change at the construction site of the future affordable homes project at Kenolio Apartments, at Kenolio and Kaonoulu.

We were originally advised by the construction company that the dirt path used regularly by Kihei school children to walk to school would remain, modified into a five-foot-wide dirt path, running along the back side of the existing family homes.

This morning we see that the path is blocked by this old sign which has been around for like a decade, so we do not know what is up. Those who navigated this corridor recall seeing and ignoring this sign for several years. We even asked the prior owner about public use of corridor, and Mr Betsill advised they had no concern, but indicated the sign was for liability matters. We will find out about the discrepancy  what we were divided concerning access, and this now physical impediment

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Also, we noted this FABMAC HOMES truck at the site this morning.

Our original understanding was that this long-established Kahului business, which has built several “prefab” type homes on Maui, has no involvement in this project, but we will investigate and report on that as well.