7/19 /17 #kihei
The first day (7/19/17) of the scheduled two day State Land Use Commission (LUC) meeting began right on time at 2:00 PM, and almost immediately began taking public oral testimony, including KCA’s five-member team addressing some insufficiencies of the proposed final environmental document (FEIS). We did not catch every testifier, but caught the majority and many are I.D.’ed below. The vast majority said no, and of those who were in support, several had a vested interest in the Sarofim project.

Observing the eight (of nine) commissioners, based on their reactions, questions, and comments to responses, before the testimony closed just before 6:00 PM, we saw strong indications that many, most, even all of them found many many reasons to say no. Note: this was our supposition, as no statements were made. We all went home, but some returned at 8:30 AM Thursday.

Just before 6PM on Thursday, the LUC voted 6-0 to reject the FEIS!