Kihei roads to be repaved soon

2/27/18 #kihei
This morning we testified at the County Council’s Budget and Finance Committee meeting 
in favor of BF 108, which is for rehab of four East-West roads (Kukanihakoi, Waipuilani, Lipoa and Welakahou) in Kihei. The previously approved funds lapsed at the end of December because of a bid protest. So this action is asking this Council’s committee to reinstate the funding. Then the DPW can have the financing, wrap up the protest and get the contractor(s) to begin the process.

Upon conclusion, Chair Hokama voiced support of our request, so our expectation is this will soon be before full council, be supported and (we believe) Kulanihakoi will be the first of the four repaved this year. Stay tuned.



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4 Responses to “Kihei roads to be repaved soon”

  1. When is an investigation going to be conducted regarding prioritization of road repairs on Maui? These streets and others that have been repaved before are no where near as bad shape as others in Kihei and elsewhere on the Island. For instance, south Kihei road across Kam 1 was done a year or two ago while other stretches are like third world country roads. I have yet to see solid evidence that Maui roads are being repaired by priority need.

  2. Why does SKR between Kam 3and the boat ramp not get repaired! The ruts have been there, and deepening, for over five years! We have watched many other roads get repaired but that section has not! It is a travesty.

  3. Apparently no one is monitoring these comments so why is this space here!?

  4. Not clear what you mean by monitoring, Gerri. The space is here for the community to voice an opinion, even if they chose not to support our all volunteer organization