JULY  30, STARTING AT 2:00 PM       Many of you are aware there has been much community discussion about the validity of South Maui’s FEMA flood maps. It is our understanding that FEMA does not create their own maps, but accepts the local government ones, in our case, that is Maui County maps.

In response to a direct question, Councilman Don Couch (South Maui) orally advised that the County maps were recently updated in an area mauka of the Pi’ilani Hwy in the vicinity of the County water treatment plant, where the Keokea gulch sits, but as far as we can determine, no change in FEMA maps .Seehttps://gokihei.org/environment/keokea-gulch-becoming-a-popular-kca-destination-site.


Now FEMA has announced a public meeting in Kihei on 7/30/15 from 2-6:00 PM at the Community Center on Lipoa. So among other items of interest (do I live in a flood zone?) this would be a good opportunity to determine if the FEMA current maps truly reflect gulch flows mauka to makai. One perspective is that incorrect maps being used by FEMA regarding flooding are extremely dangerous, and in some way worse than no maps at all.


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