IMG_0044.JPGIMG_0043.JPGIMG_0042.JPGIMG_0041.JPGIMG_0040.JPGIMG_0039.JPGIMG_0038.JPGIMG_0037.JPGIMG_0036.JPGIMG_0035.JPGIMG_0034.JPGIMG_0022.JPGIMG_0023.JPGIMG_0024.JPGIMG_0025.JPGIMG_0026.JPGIMG_0027.JPGIMG_0028.JPGIMG_0029.JPGIMG_0033.JPGIMG_0032.JPGIMG_0031.JPGIMG_0030.JPGNumerous views of the corridor between Kaonoulu and Waipuilani site of the future bike path across Kihei. Also construction of path between Waipuilani and Lipoa which is expected to be completed by Summer, 2011.

KCA board members Steve Cordova & President Jon Miller happily conclude a meeting on a proposed cross Kihei bicycle path with DPW Director David Goode at his office on March 29,2011