2/09/24  OPENED THIS AFTERNOON    As we watched & reported for weeks, it seemed apparent that this week ,with a large DPW crew with heavy equipment in action, that soon it would have that single spot  repair completed, and the road opened.  For weeks most days no one was working there, but after about three weeks, the segment of the road is open.  However we have not seen anything that would prevent it from happening again

2/08/24  As this has turned into a loooong term project, we continue to offer updates until SKR opens. Unlike the past few visits, this afternoon we did see work being done by DPW




This is one of several vehicles parked along SKR makai indicating that there were a crew at the site

Because work was underway today, we could not approach close to the key problem, that huge puka on southbound lane, but is obvious it is much closer to opening the road segment










Local traffic continue to flow on Mauka side of road, right next to the newly patched spot









1/31/24  Now a FULL WEEK later, this afternoon County Public Works offers a press release:  https://www.mauicounty.gov/civicalerts.aspx?AID=13252

This advises ”  Flood damage forces closure for part of S. Kihei Road through February.”    Really? Tomorrow is February

So we took a look at what is different after a week which prompted this release.


Still no one working on the roadway; same large puka filled in surrounded by same horses, rest of roadway on both sides remain unobstructed

Still looks the same after a week. as was the same days before that

We see all manner of cars & trucks drive into the closed road from each end after sliding sign over

And we never see anyone working there. The Water Dept repaired the water line some time ago . The DPW press release this afternoon says  “Public Works is performing damage assessment and repairs.” With no sign of any workers we are not sure just what repairs, and they must still be assessing.





1/24/24  Five day later, we see SKR is still closed between Kaonoulu and Ohukai

SKR remains closed at Kaonoulu afternoon of 1/24/24


The time share continued expansion at this intersection does not seem hampered by the flooding

Equipment proceed North on SKR sidewalk seemingly to help clear debris.

Diagonally across we see SKR makai was undermined (note bile lane designation on roadway)

Close look showing open space beneath road surface just South of Kaonoulu

Now we are located north of the time share where makai side of road had collapsed, & see five days later at status of repair

Close look at road surface under repair

A HECO truck entered the construction zone south of Kokea Kai hotel to do some line work, but we are unsure if this is related to road closure

Numerous personal vehicles accessed the resort in spite of surrounding conditions

Getting a lift to work on electric power lines


1/19/24 #kihei

The repair of this puka is underway, but not yet ready for vehicles

This afternoon under blue skies, Kaonoulu near South Kihei Road (SKR) closed again, as you see below

1/18/24 but this could be last week, last year or a decade ago, as again the Kulanihako’i Stream flows North right onto Kaonoulu

Next we moved a bit North to South Kihei Road fronting  Kohea Kai  Resort Hotel

This is where the makai side  of the SKR collapsed by this hotel, between the restaurant and the new time share

Now you can see the location of all this mess

We were unsure why these sandbags scattered on the beach below the roadway repair are there.

A lot of recent wake action in this area seems to be lessening the visibility of the brown water, but not all the negative effects out of sight

Further North, near Uwapo, SKR is mostly clear of debris, but off its shore, the brown water is more visible

Sad strips of brown water are pronounced beyond the Kihei Pier







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