Possibly the most controversial South Maui proposed development is scheduled for hearing before the State Land Use Commission next month.

3/8/16   Sorry, no new information.   As we have had numerous requests from you for information about transport from assembly at KCC to the  job site  meeting by the LUC tomorrow morning, we asked for information from the LUC last Friday. As always they were friendly & helpful advising this was being handled by the developer, and sent email to them asking them to advise us so we could post it here. Alas we received no information. So those of you who join us at KCC at 945 AM, expect we will all find out together upon arrival.

    #kihei   UPDATE 3/2/17 NOW OFFICIAL      2/28/17  Yes, here we go again. After several years of dormancy, the Texas based landowner’s named representative Charles Jencks is bringing the huge project back to the State Land Commission as they were required to do a few years back if the project wants to proceed. The plan is for a huge shopping center along with some housing, even though there is already a large surplus of retail space in Kihei and much in progress in nearby Kahului. The area is zone for light industrial uses, not for retail or housing.

The first step will be a site visit by the State Volunteer Commissioners, none of whom were serving when the last decision was made. But KCA has observed many of them over the past few years at Maui-based hearings, including the last one on this proposed project in December, 2015, which basically just set up the future hearing. Indication then was this would be in early 2016, but the developer decided to wait until this year.

This site visit is tentatively (LUC has not yet posted an official agenda) set to commence at 9:45 AM on March 9, 2017, assembling at the Kihei Community Center before proceeding to an undisclosed location on Ohukai. We are unclear of transportation issues involved, but it seems reasonable that the Commissioners and others will be transported by motor coach to the site. If so we are unsure if citizens will be so accommodated. This is a totally different process from the prior site visit conducted in August, 2012 (SEE https://gokihei.org/news/land-use-commission-examines-no-kihei-eclipse-commercial-development-site).

There are numerous vantage points to the site from mauka Ohukai from the very top where a gate is posted by Haleakala Ranch down to the adjoining Light Industrial Area at 300 Ohukai Rd. So somewhere along here will begin the actual visit to the job site.

The more formal hearing, where public testimony WILL be accepted, is anticipated perhaps in May. Stay tuned.