7/26/16 UPDATE   TOMORROW (7/27) AT 6 pm at Baldwin HS this same team will host County Council Candidates


So on Wednesday 7/13 at 6 PM at the Tarvares Community Center in Pukalani, HFFU invited State Legislature candidates “who have competitive races in the 8/13/16 election.” The participants include the S Maui due of Ing and Tegarden as well as races in 3 other districts

6:00 PM commencement was delayed by bright sunlight streaming behind stage playing havoc with Akaku cameras , but after about 10 minutes Vincent Mina kicked off meeting with intro about the Farmers Union, and introduced Simon Russell to wrap up some details about the Haleakala Chapter, one of three presently established.He then introduced the first moderators two old friends of KCA, Lucienne DeNaie & Dick Mayor, who ran the first segment with two candidates for Wailuku, incumbent and House Speaker Joe Souki and challenger Richard Abbett, leading up to our segment So Maui’s Rep Kaniela Ing and challenger Deidre Tegarden, at about 7:20 PM.

All questions as announced were related to farming and related topics like soil mitigation, food security, chemicals, monocropping, Public Trust Doctrine, water, A & B/ H C & S land future,etc.

Shortly after 8:00 PM the third segment was to feature incumbent Kyle Yamashita and challenger Tiare Lawrence, but as has been the pattern at each forum we attend, the incumbent did not participate. It was announced he had been contacted 4 times by HFUU, but never responed, so decision was simply to have Tiare solo with opening statement answer series of timed question and close.

We were out of time, so did not remain for her entire portion, and also missed the tri isle “canoe district” 13 held by Lynn De Coite with challengers Green Party Nick Nikhilananda and Alex Haller.

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