“This month we have two divergent and important topics for our South Maui Community,” offers Kihei Community Association (KCA) President Mike Moran. “Following a power point presentation by former Public Works Director Milton Arakawa on a new bridge on South Kihei Road. just south of Kaonoulu, necessitating a major detour,  we will get the latest on the Honu’ula,   previously named Wailea 670, development project from Dr Lee Altenberg. and others. Wailea 670: Ancients Lands, Modern Plans.  What’s up with Wailea 670?”

Arakawa is now employed as a project manager by Wilson Okamoto  of Honolulu, contracted by the County for this project. KCA is very concerned that at least some of the numerous challenges in this area be addressed and improved. We expect DPW director David Goode to attend our meeting. (NOTE: See the Draft EA, Ap for SMA, & SSV Permit for this project communication from both Maui County’s  Planning and Public Works Directors below.)

Altenberg is a professor at UHMC who has done extensive study and research on the Wili wili forest, as well as much of the environment in the area of this Wailea 670, the proposed large development adjacent to Maui Meadows. He previously offered a sense of place segment for KCA earlier this year, and  we welcome his return for a lengthier presentation this month. .

Everyone is welcome at the Kihei Charter Middle School 41 E. Lipoa behind the car wash on third Tuesday at 6:30 pm July 16 meeting

Non perishable food donations are strongly encouraged for the ongoing Maui Food Bank drive. Doors open at 6:00 PM for pupu and talk story. More information, call ( 508) 499-9996  .