“Conversation on Climate Change”

Conservation Director Lauren Campbell of Pacific Whale Foundation offered an educational and informative power point presentation last evening (5/29/13) at the Waikapu Community Center. Arranged by Organized for Action-Maui, about 25 very attentive attendees peppered the assured 26 year old scientist with inquiries about the topic of climate change. Look for a professional report of the presentation in an upcoming Maui Weekly, or this one out in Maui Time .http://www.mauitime.com/Articles-News-i-2013-06-06-77401.113117-Lauren-Campbell-Of-Pacific-Whale-Foundation-Talks-Climate-Change.html     More on topic see http://www.soest.hawaii.edu/coasts/sealevel/

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One Response to ““Conversation on Climate Change””

  1. This was the best explanation of Climate Change I have ever heard. A big thank you.

    On cleanenergymaui.com I have compiled a list of resources for those who want to do something about it.