An audience of about 60 indicated much interest in how South Maui can recover from poor or even lack of planning for the past decades in our community at the general membership meeting last evening (4/16/13). Viewing and listening to George Rixey’s presentation on concepts he formulated in the 90’s elicited questions why they were not realized by County government. We hear about walkable and bike-able, but can’t seem to achieve it .

Kihei Community Police Officer Libby also brought forth inquiries about present day areas of Kihei and the social and  criminal problems occurring there. She explained all the challenges she faces when confronting them in her position, and offered suggestions for better outcomes.

Lokelani’s Megan and Ben King might have stolen the show with their videos in the “sense of place” segment. 

Look for a comprehensive report of the meeting in the Maui Weekly.

The May 21 meeting will examine South Maui’s water supply now and in the future.


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