Alliance of Maui Community Associations Meeting


At this month’s Alliance meeting this Monday 9/21/14, the group examined a laundry list of ways the County government can improve for the benefit of the residents. By compiling a list of issues, concerns and problems, the group worked to decide which segment of government had responsibility, what action might be affected, & who might work on it.

The chief one for your association was examining the Special Management Area (SMA) boundary line, when and how it was designated, is it still relevant, and how might it be modified. Further, looking at the SMA permitting process and how it affects homeowners in the district as opposed to large commercial properties.

The next meeting is set for Oct 13, 2014 at 6:00 PM

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2 Responses to “Alliance of Maui Community Associations Meeting”

  1. Is there a published list of all the ‘issues, concerns, and problems’ that the committee is addressing? Perhaps some of your readers and members would like to add to that list or make a comment about one or more.

  2. Mahalo for the input, Keith. As a KCA member you know the challange we have with our limited all volunteer board & committee members to accomplish what this team does. Thus suggestions to take on additioanl efforts are usually met with request for more participation. We are always looking to expand each entity to accomplish more, asking for added board members now for 2015, and comtinuous effort for our committees.