8/22/18 #kihei
We all have learned you do not turn your back on the ocean, right? But guys living in our district are well aware our flooding problems almost always do not originate at the kai, but inland, or more accurately upland. So the County Department of Public Works (DPW) guys were out this morning near Ohukai clearing sand away from the drainpipe, to lessen the volume of stormwater flowing onto the roads. Granted it is not good to direct unfiltered storm water into the kai, but it is the price we pay for poor historical planning by the government.

Next, comparing two construction sites in close proximity, we note the just constructed dust fence mauka the Pi’ilani Hwy for the high school has been completely stripped. We assume this was done intentionally by Goodfellow Brothers as they had a crew working there this afternoon.

In contrast, we noted the Kihei Gym makai of the highway dust fence remains in place, as the park was closed today. Which is the best action for the community?  If we do experience the very high wind velocity later this week, we can evaluate the results on the weekend.