This week your Association lost our long term media friend and supporter, as the Maui Weekly closed its doors, and the final edition is this week. KCA President Mike Moran mentioned none of us can remember when the Maui Weekly did not have a writer in attendance at each and every general membership community meeting. This enabled our efforts to inform and educate the community on a myriad of issues and concerns spread much more widely beyond those who attended the monthly meetings is person.

In addition almost every meeting was preceded by a sizable blurb offering the details of the upcoming meeting on the following Tuesday evening to inform the South Maui (and beyond) community the topic, guests and meeting specifics.

Editor/ General manager ( and way more) Debra Lordan spent over a decade at the helm as a responsible, professional personable and helpful leader always graciously working with KCA for the good our our community. We will miss her and wish her our aloha.

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