UPDATE 6/7/16  Filing for candidates has closed so all contests are set, with a flurry of last minute filings.  As our July 19 forum is our focus, the six candidates we had set, two for District 11 State House and four S Maui Council  are now confirmed. To address a few inquiries, yes there are three candidates for Dist 11, but since two are D, and one R, uncontested ones move directly to to November election Yes District 10 is also for S Maui (north of Ohukai) but both candidates will move to general election as varied parties

So to insure you have them all in place, District 11 has Kaniela Ing and Deidre Tegarden

County Council , S Maui: Don Couch, Richard DeLeon. Kelly King and Jerry Metcalfe.

So please keep those questions coming in to kca@gokihei.org 

Now we KNOW you KNOW to vote for all nine Council races, and they all are contested, so get informed on the other eight Council races examining all the races with two to five candidates. While you await out meeting in just 6 weeks, look for other forums

5/31/16  Yes, THIS one is ours. And it is not until July 19. as always the third Tuesday of the month starting at 6:30 PM; so what is up now?

We want to hear from numerous members offering proposed questions for candidates participating in both South Maui races, State and County for the primary election in August. We went to listen to our membership and learn what concerns you, so we can speak for you in an organized forum. So submit a question via email to kca@gokihei.org ONE question per email please, and designate if for State or County legislators. Insure your question is specific & to the point as candidates will have time limit on answers.

Presently we have four candidates for Council, and two for Democrat State House, but others may yet step up. Our membership is akamai, but to refresh, the Council is open primary, as there are no party designations, so all guys who file papers are together and two top vote getters move on to general election in November.

Conversely State is done by party, and sole winner of primary for a party moves on to general. If a single guy is running for his party,( present situation for Republican District 11) they automatically advance to general.

So give it some thought; what is your prime concern? Join us on July 19, and meanwhile look for other events of this nature around the island. Remember all nine Councilmembers represent all Maui County citizens, so each has equal importance. Be sure you are informed, so you can and SHOULD vote for all nine. Every South Maui issues needs support of at least five members. Be informed & choose wisely.



Michael Moran- KCA BOD Member

Michael Moran- KCA BOD Member