IMG_3844 IMG_3841 IMG_3843UPDATE 6/25/16 : At start time a couple of us were watching Rep Kaniela Ing opening the door, wondering where were all the concerning residents? Lost? Apathetic? Distracted? But when Ing began by strongly stating this was a report on what happened at the just concluded session, and NOT a campaign event, by ones and twos guys appeared, some finally arriving as meeting ended. We no longer ask why..

However early and late arrivals alike demonstrated strong interest in what occurred at the Legislature & how it affected S Maui, as well as what may occur at the 2017 session, as we did.

Additionally, as we had no restriction concerning electioneering and candidates we took advantage of a seemingly motivated group to announce the July 19 S Maui candidate forum

Why doesn’t KCA do this these updates anymore?

We get this question- yes we DO get a lot of questions- the past few years, so we have an answer- as we usually do.

         For several years each spring we invited our state legislators to address our members offering what occurred the past few months over in Honolulu and what effect we could expect in South Maui. But as 2014 was concluding our volunteers said “no mas.” We can’t keep up with all the time and effort required to make these presentations, so decision was made to revert back to what is required by KCA by laws, alternate monthly meetings- and that still takes lots of time and effort in our “spare time.”

       Thus one of our regular offerings of these updates had to be eliminated, but we see each season, our elected officials find a way to provide the information to the concerned community, and we do our best to alert you when one is scheduled ; like here- now.

      So SATURDAY MORNING from 9:00 to 11:00 AM in that same location, the Kihei Charter Middle School 41 E Lipoa, June 25, District 11 Representative Kaniela Ing will offer the update & take all your questions.IMG_5153