UPDATE 10/25/13; Just when we thought the temporary roadwork causing closure of the vital street was concluded, we learn the very northern strip between Uwapo and NKR will be closed this Monday (10/28/13) from 8:00 AM to about 3:30 PM going north. Thus vehicles will be detoured up (mauka) Uwapo to turm left onto the Pi’ilani Highway. Akamai drivers will make the transition before hitting Uwapo. For more information, call 879-8868.

UPDATE: 8/31/13 We are pleased to see some signage along SKR this morning for both directions, alerting drivers to the upcoming closure on Tuesday. This is much improved over the situation with the prior closing.

This time you Association will not be first to announce  an all day closure on a portion of SKR, set for 9/3/13 between the major intersection of NKR/SKR and the termination of Uwapo at SKR by the former Suda Store site. The County Administration offered a press release this week to state the closure due to a seemingly similar “temporary ” fix to an ancient existing “bridge.” by installing thick metal plates to reinforce the gulch crossing. While we appreciate the early notice, the question arises, will there also be a permanent fix, by installing a new bridge there to replace that box culvert, as was announced for the Kulanihakoi gulch crossing? We are awaiting an answer from Director Goode of the County DPW. And he did, very quickly:  He replied , “Yes, but I’m not sure yet where we are in the process of the permanent fix, other than we have the budget appropriation of $1.4M in this year’s budget.”