1/7/21 #kihei  Report of County Administration panel on Kihei expansion of Maui Coast Hotel

The vote was 5-1 to move the project to the next level. 
LDunham testified for three minutes on the proposed unattached expansion of the hotel.  She testified about the heat island effect that may impact the surrounding, properties and the community. 

The branch manager testified twice about the tropical trees and flora surrounding the new building as a visitor would expect. These trees are coniferous trees that don’t drop leaves or needles. They give shade all year round if placed properly.  In addition, the use of permeable concrete was suggested also to offset heat island.  Permeable concrete allows storm water runoff flow down back through the soil instead  of flowing straight to the ocean.  Other property suggestions were to use bioswales and possible raingardens for air conditioning hydrofluorocarbon capture. 

It was interesting to hear at the east end of the property, that there was additional space on east side of project so architect decided to put in more parking spaces. Next meeting will discuss a chef’s garden patch progressing downhill to various bioswales gardens in lieu of the extra parking stalls to mitigate storm runoff.  The extra parking spaces seemed to be an afterthought to fill space. 

The hotel is within a 0.5 mile of a major transit station (county bus). Moreover, the hotel offers a shuttle for complimentary airport pickup and drop off, and complimentary bicycle use. This is a potential L.E.E.D. credit that can be looked at for L.E.E.D. New Buildings.
I’m in favor of county parking county code for the required stalls, however, the objective is to encourage visitors to use transit rather renting cars that increase GHGs and island traffic.

There was also a discussion about one or two entrances/exits or just one. Lots traffic will wait to turn left onto South Kihei Road and/or right. The design will be reviewed.