Next Tuesday, September 3, 2013 at 6:30 PM in the Kihei Community Center at 303 E Lipoa, Maui Electric Company (MECO) will offer to update our community on the latest regarding Maalaea to South Kihei transmission line project. In addition, there is a second meeting scheduled in the Poemaikai school in Kahului on 9/5/13. This is the latest of a series of meetings, with the last being 4/30/13, which narrowed down the possibilities of how this line will be constructed, to three; 1) all overhead 2) mix of underground/overhead (both all along the Pi”ilani highway); or 3) an overhead/underground route that will partially deviate from the Pi’ilani corridor.

At all prior public meetings, which have been held in South Maui, pubic sentiment and input has overwhelmingly, and possibly unanimously, called for  undergrounding  the lines., and we do not expect that has changed. It is curious why MECO has decided to also have a public meeting in another area of Maui at this juncture. There is some thought that this is an effort to divide the community’s resolve, potentially leading other island areas who some may believe will not be directly affected., in the direction that underground is tto so relevant. Of course, this project can have a huge impact on the entire County, in that priceless view plains affect the visitor industry, and South Maui is a huge part of that.

Your Association hopes that members of our community can attend and participate in both meetings.