Just as its title implies, the Maui County Urban Design Review Board (UDRB) is a volunteer group of Maui residents who work with the County government to examine the appearance of new or revised construction throughout Maui This function is seemingly most important in our community, as we do not have the same rules and regulations afforded to most other towns under “historic” and similar classifications.

This morning, after examining some agenda items for other parts of Maui, the updating or re-branding, as the McDonald’s Corporation calls it, the fast food franchise restaurant on SKR went before the UDRB for a re-offering of their plan. It was originally presented on Dec 3, 2013 to this board in seeking a Special Management Area (SMA) Minor Permit approval, but was deferred to allow Mc D’s to present some alternatives. (Note an SMA minor simply requires Planning Director Will Spence to approve it.)

Mc D’s offered two design options to the board, based on board suggestions on 12/3/13, and UDRB opted for a hybrid scenario as its recommendation to Spence.