The extraordinary two day clean up led by our own Bob Richardson was a resounding success. “I would like to thank the 29 volunteers for donating over 110 hours of labor to clean up the trails and playground at Kalama Park on Wed. and Thurs.(1/26/27) this week.  This was a much bigger job than anticipated.  It took flat shovels to remove some of the caked in place mud from the pathways.  We then swept off the large remaining debris and followed with a hose and additional stiff brush action to remove the concrete consistency dirt that had dried in place.  Steve Cordova and Goodfellow Bros. Inc brought in a water truck and hose to clean some sections where possible.  Community Work Day sent staff and volunteers on both days.  Many volunteers from South Maui Volunteers made up the majority of the helpers with a good contingent from the Pacific Whale Foundation.
By Friday morning the Parks Dept crew was hard at work with a power washer on the pavilion and leaf blowers on the remainder of the play structure.
This was a team effort and the volunteer support for Kalama Park gave the Parks Crew the help they needed to get back in front of the damage. Mahalo to all for your support.”