11/12/23 #Kihei



Residents concerned about unsafe conditions can advise State DOT in their on-line survey



Are you concerned about the safety of high school students going to their new school? The school opened without the legally required grade separated pedestrian crossing (over or under). It is extremely dangerous to walk or cycle along the sides of the highway in most all area, but particularly over the stream gulches.


This intersection where Ka’ono’ulu ends at S. Kihei Rd. might be unsafe, but it does not apply to the State Dept. of Transportation survey as it is county jurisdiction.


The survey is from the state, so it does NOT apply to county roads like S. Kihei Rd., but it WOULD include N. Kihei Rd.


On this page, you will find two separate links: the first is a general traffic safety survey to help the DOT inform their decisions, the second is to report a roadway issue and/or request raised speed humps on a specific street. You may want to fill out one or both depending on your situation.

This survey will be open for responses until December 31, 2023, please share with anyone you think might like to fill it out!

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