UPDATE  10/25/22   This time it took over seven months, but once again we see those who wish to cross the 4 lane undivided highway far between legal crosswalks took action into their own hands and split open the fence to reach the worn path up to the roadway edge. This has continued for years as Hawaii Department of Transportation repairs the fence, blocking access to the roadway, and someone finds a way to create an opening. This might offer the State Department of Education insight that if they refuse to follow the legal requirement for an under or over pass to the Kulanihako’i high school, that students will seek the most “convenient” crossing.










3/7/22 #kihei   

This morning a crew from the highways division of the Hawaii State Dept. of Transportation (HDOT) once again was seen repairing fencing in the state highway right of way about half way between Ohukai and Kaonoulu. For years this site has been an illegal pedestrian route to reach the other side of Pi’ilani Hwy. Use was especially prevalent when the Kihei Charter High School was located in the industrial park. Students were seen using the drainage pipe (seen below) as an underpass, at times even walking a bicycle through it. We also see a visible path leading up to the edge of the highway, perhaps where the 4 lane undivided highway is crossed. However, the same actions were always and continue to be done by numerous community members.

Some years back HDOT did a similar fence repair, but within two days openings in the fence appeared. We will monitor the latest repairs and report what we observe.


This has been used as an off grade pedestrian crossing for years

Note the worn path up to the highway edge

Would you walk through this to reach the other side?

Many chose to go across at grade & dash across 4 lanes of fast moving traffic

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