Baby Step in walkable, bikeable South Maui?

UPDATE 6/18/13)  Here’s the word from DPW on our inquiry: according to Ray Oshiro, “we are currently replacing the aged and deteriorated wooden barricades and the concrete barriers with guardrails.  We will be installing an access gate for our maintenance purposes.  We will be doing the same on the north end at Kulanihakoi.  Our work is not complete as we still need to install the posts and gates. There will be an direct pass-thru instead of  “squeezing -thru” the barriers.  The barriers have always been set up in this  fashion because of complaints of dirt bikes and other off road vehicles traveling at a high rate of speed through this area. Resident (sic) have often complained about the noise and dust. Since we did the placement there has been no complaints of speeders. The off-set opening was never more than 4′ and not less than 3′,  although no type of traffic should be utilizing this as an  access. We closed this section off to all traffic several years ago, someone complained it being blocked off and we were told to allow access.”  Our comment is bicycle and walkers use this daily as a somewhat reasonable alternative going N-S, but sure hope it can be made more pleasant and easier to use. Even just elongating the paved strip extending south from Kulanihakoi to this junction would really help at a minimal cost. And someday a greenway.

We see Director David Goode’s Department of Public Works (DPW) highways team construction at the northern terminus of Liloa at Waipuilani yesterday (6/13/13). This is the point where the beautiful greenway/bike path abruptly ends and crossing Waipuilani and squeezing through the Jersey barriers allows continuing biking or walking on rocky dirt path northward. KCA has high hopes someday the greenway will continue through this corridor. But why did DPW install this permanent metal guardrail on each side leaving the movable concrete barriers in place on the center? Could this be a step toward opening up a portion of this corridor? Is this for an escape route for  the dead end streets ending at this corridor? KCA is asking questions and hopes to soon have answers.




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5 Responses to “Baby Step in walkable, bikeable South Maui?”

  1. GREGORY FREEMAN June 15, 2013 at 4:55 pm


  2. GREGORY FREEMAN June 15, 2013 at 5:01 pm


  3. Did you ask the DPW whether this area will be open for vehicles in case of emergency like the flooding we had several years ago when Hoonani and Namauu streets (both streets are dead ends) had access to S Kihei road blocked by mud.We were unable to get out for a couple of days. Or in case of tsunami evacuations?

  4. Actually, Karen, we have asked that question several times, not only of the department, but of County Council as well, but have no definitive answer. It is our understanding that a large number of residents of one of those two dead ended streets singed a petition submitted to the previous Administration on this concern, which became a campaign issue, but years later we observe no change in status. Since it sounds like you live on one of the two, do you have any information on that? Mahalo,

  5. Thanks for your reply Mike. I think the residents closer to South Kihei Road on Hoonani ST who had serious damage done to their homes as a result of flooding may have signed a petition…but I dont know.
    This seems to be a civil defense issue, or public safety. I hope KCA continues to pursue this as our representative. Thanks!