Last day accepting questions for 10/18/16 candidate forum was Friday!


9/16/16 WOW, questions are pouring in. This is your opportunity

  • We took all the input submitted for which candidates you favored to participate in the Oct 18 forum up to 9/1, and then extended invitations to those six candidates. Now that we have confirmation, we announce your choices. You chose three Council races, South Maui, Upcountry and W 3, which is often called Wailuku, to us slighting the two other named communities, Waikapu and Waihe’e
  • Of the six candidates of course just a single incumbent, Don Couch and the challenger, Kelly King; Alika Atay v Dain Kane and Napua Grieg-Nakasone v Yuki Lei Sugimura
    • We thank those of you who expressed kind words for our community action along with your selections. To those who expressed their selections, including non members, while telling us our volunteers should be doing more, finding ways  to include ALL candidates, and hold multiple events, in a larger venue ,  in spirit of Aloha we still counted your votes with equal value, but did wonder about your attitude, and if you understand pono.
    • So now we open the suggested candidate questions segment, where we will accept your proposed questions for candidates. You may designate specific race for yours, or just make it applicable to all six candidates
    • In the primary forum, we did our best to ask your question verbatim, but this time we will not include introductory or explanatory statements. If you attended or watched the tape on Akaku, you observed the challenge. So please just short specific questions. The cut off to accept questions is September 30,and only emails sent to will be included. We do give priority to members, but anyone can submit.
    • So let the questions begin


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2 Responses to “Last day accepting questions for 10/18/16 candidate forum was Friday!”

  1. I’m writing out of concern about the upcoming Candidate’s Forum.

    I was really disappointed during by the lack of action taken by the host of the Forum held by the KCA before the primary election. Supporters of one candidate were allowed to loudly “boo” the responses of the opposing candidate. The moderator should have insisted that this not continue. The candidates who appear at these functions are Guests of the KCA, and it’s the responsibility of the KCA to see that they are all treated with respect. I hope that this type of behavior won’t be tolerated at the next forum. It’s up to the moderator to take control and not let audience members engage in conduct that brings shame upon the organization.

  2. Mahalo for your input, Peter, Since you are a new member, I want to be sure when attending our meeting you are aware of the process performed by our all volunteer team. The last thing addressed to the audience before the first candidates says word one is, ” PLEASE do not react orally to answers” This to help us maintain decorum, & allow the candidates to speak freely.
    We have found if this is violated minimally ( a subjective analysis) it is best to quickly move on, not stop the flow of the meeting. On the fly, volunteers have to decide how to react to audience reactions. We have found if it is a single individual causing a disruption, it is worthy to address it. If it is a group, not so, unless it is a continuing process.
    We find it curious that as a new members you feel the right to tell member elected leadership what is their responsibility, and what brings shame upon this organization, but we freely allow you to voice your opinion. We can advise you we receive a lot of input after each public meeting in person as the meeting closes, and generally over the 48 hours by numerous methods of communication, some positive and some along the lines of constructive criticism . We note in all the commentary on this forum, you were the only one to offer any criticism. Aloha.