Who is maintaining the new Kihei Bike path in N. Kihei? Ka Lima O’ Maui did on Thursday

UPDaTE (8/31/12)  Most of it was mowed yesterday- See pix

Seemingly this new green-way makai of Liloa (behind Safeway) is not being maintained. Much of the grass is uncut, and there are large (and growing) bald or weak patches. Since opening months ago, it was very well cared for weekly, but no longer. What happened? KCA is checking, so stay tuned.

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4 Responses to “Who is maintaining the new Kihei Bike path in N. Kihei? Ka Lima O’ Maui did on Thursday”

  1. Yea, the Mokolele bike path is the same. Although they do mow around the path they just let the grass overgrow the path without trimming the edges and bushes. This has caused serious erosion on both sides of the path on the Kahului side. Seems like once that path was built it was not maintained properly so I hope that doesn’t happen in Kihei.

  2. Aloha,
    The Mokulele Bike Path has an issue with the aggressive native aki aki grass that has begun to lift the edges of the pavement. The State DOT is well aware of the problem and will have to renew this at some point along with root guards or other preventative measures.
    I don;t think the Kihei Bikepath has the same type of grass so it should (hopefully) not have the same trouble as the Mokulele Bikepath.

  3. i think the mokulele bike path should be covered with rocks and some palm trees and plants in between just like the new entrance to lahaina, that way its less maintenance and less water to be used. plus it looks way much better then over grown grass or dead grass.