No matter how you spell it, it’s a traffic calming device.

Maui County Public Works Department, Highways Division action made Kaiola St safer for pedestrians and bicyclists on Thursday (11/8/12) with installation of four speed bumps along Kailoa St between Koki and Kenolio streets in North Kihei.

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2 Responses to “No matter how you spell it, it’s a traffic calming device.”

  1. We could sure use these bumps on Keonekai rd! They race down this street. More and more. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Mahalo

  2. We would suggest you contact the Department of Public Works 270-7845 with your request. Director David Goode has advised he is receptive to all specific resident requests. However it is our understanding that the department has refused requested for these traffic slowing devices on “through” roads such as this one. Mahalo.