Major Fatal Vehicle Accident Closes Pi’ilani Hwy in Central Kihei Monday Evening

This evening (3/4/13) , due to a fatal accident involving a pedestrian crossing  our Pi’ilani Hwy, necessitating  closing it in both directions from Waipuilani to Pi’ikea for several hours, with traffic detoured makai,  and as expected, caused major traffic jams on all streets in every direction. This may have been the first traffic failing on our roundabout.

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5 comments on “Major Fatal Vehicle Accident Closes Pi’ilani Hwy in Central Kihei Monday Evening

  1. denise on said:

    “This may have been the first traffic failing on our roundabout.” What does this mean?

  2. Mike Moran on said:

    This was referring to the intersection being overwhelmed and unable to function as designed and intended. Of course every other intersection in the area was also failing due to the hours-long closure of the highway during the evening “rush hour.” It is our experince that the roundabout functions extremely well. Our only negative thought is that the pedestrian crossings are placed too close to the roundabout itself.

  3. maui JIm on said:

    Pi’iliani Highway was backup up 3 miles in each direction, and all you can think of is to complain about the round-about? You’ve got to be kidding me.

  4. Mike Moran on said:

    Mahalo, Jim for contributing. Please join us to make Kihei a better place to live. KCA has supported the roundabout from the initial suggestion to completion to continued successful operation. The comment concering it was to emphaise that even this modern well planned intersection could not overcome this huge influx of motor vehicles.

  5. Mauiguy on said:

    That traffic circle was an outrageously expensive political “thank you” to a couple of county council members who were leaving. It was pushed through in spite of heavy objections from Kihei residents and made into an eyesore with multiple ugly yellow signs to tell motorists how to use it. I do not remember any accidents there when it was a simple four-way stop.

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