Who is doing what at Kulanihakoi Gulch?

You know the Kulanihakoi Gulch, or at least then very end of it where it runs below the Pi’ilani Hwy between Kaonoulu and Kulanihakoi Streets across the N-S Collector Rd corridor continuing makai to SKR and the Kai.

Well this morning, (1016/14) just makai of the NSCR trail, we see someone has been working with heavy equipment clearing the base of the gulch, as well as the strip between it and the residential development directly south  of it along  Heona Place.

Do you know what is happening here?



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One Response to “Who is doing what at Kulanihakoi Gulch?”

  1. Valley Isle Ventures, LLC, a Vancouver, Washington based company owns the vacant land on the North Side of Haleakala Gardens Condominium and Kihei Resort and adjacent to Kihei Bay Surf and Kihei Bay Vista. Recently they have been performing work on the property to remove fire hazards and waste material and rubbish that has accumulated on the property. This property is immediately South of Kulanihakoi Gulch. The activity documented in the posted photos may or may not be related to the recent clearing and cleaning activities of Valley Isle Ventures owners of the property TMK 390011620000. Their contact phone number is (360) 334-3193.