Which section of South Kihei Road is most dangerous? VOTE!

7/24/17 We have a suggestion for worst, near Ohukai;  See pix







7/21/17 #kihei
Which would you say is the worst segment of South Kihei Road (SKR) to walk or cycle? We just had our public meeting on the community plans on Tuesday evening. The Kihei-Makena Plan from 1998 http://www.co.maui.hi.us/documentcenter/view/1712 is full of references to walking, bicycling, unmotorized transpiration, but words are not actions and talking is not walking. Saying “good to walk” is not backed up when a busy road has too few sidewalks; disappearing and non-existent bike lanes do not encourage parents to tell the keiki to ride your bike.

With the cooperation and participation of both the Public Works Department (DPW) and Kelly King’s office, we plan to walk a section of SKR from McDonald’s northward on the makai side, then return on the mauka side for a first-hand experience.

Meanwhile we seek your opinion: which section is most dangerous? Make a comment to voice your opinion by Thursday 7/27/17.


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7 Responses to “Which section of South Kihei Road is most dangerous? VOTE!”

  1. Why not give up S Kihei road to the cars and have the North-South Collector Road for the bikes and pedestrians. Or vice-versa. Personally I find Kihei a bit HOT to be walkable.

  2. Mahalo for input.We think that would be wonderful if the NSCR is EVER completed; We have been waiting like 30 years, so need a place to walk and bike until then, Karen

  3. David Christian August 1, 2017 at 7:57 pm

    I belive the most dangerous stretch of South Kihei Rd. Is the section where the poorly thought out pedestrian crosswalks were installed between Alanui Kai Alli and Keonakai. These crosswalks have no time delay or cohesiveness. Pedestrians are able to push the button and step into the street randomly. The pedestrians crossings should have a 30 second delay to allow pedestrian traffic to build up and vehicle traffic to be able to react. Theese crosswalks will continue to injure pedestrians and vicimize drivers???

  4. Ohukai is the worst.The intersection is really terrible going on to S. Kihei. But a close second runs S. Kihei. to Kauhaa. All along the Maui Lu and down in front of the Luana Kai there is no lighting, very narrow, covered in sand and there are always people walking and riding bikes. The bridge has given a little safety. We live at the Kihei Holiday and there is no safe walk to a bus stop. I have tourists in complex ask frequently where the stop is I try not to recommend. I’m afraid for their safety walking along the road, and don’t want the responsibility.

  5. Mahalo, Melissa. Most helpful. Guys reading who are not familiar with Kihei Holiday, it is at 483 SKR. While our walk with County officials last Friday did not reach up to your place , we did walk past the Luana Kai, and advised Director David Goode about the darkness there. He mentioned, County is process of updating street lights across the island.

  6. I would like to report a hazardous sidewalk obstacle just south of canoe hale.This is remenents of road sign that protrudes above sidewalk elevation approximately 6″. I generally wear shoes but someone in slippers could be and probably has been in world of hurt bumping toes into this hazard. Could you pass this message on to proper authority. A grinder with cutting wheel could easily take care of this.

  7. John, this is way beyond our abilities. You should report it to the County government, Public works Department, qs they have funding and expertise to handle a hazard— call 270-7845