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3/1/18 #kihei  The HI State Department of Education has announced a public meeting next Thursday, March 8 at 6:00 PM at the Kihei Elementary School in the cafeteria. The purpose is to provide an overview and update of the proposed new facility  mauka the Pi’ilani Highway at Kulaniahakoi.

The presentation is expected to include an overview of the campus plan and facilities, and THE PROPOSED SCHEDULE FOR CONSTRUCTION AND COMPLETION.

The official groundbreaking for the school took place two years ago, but progress has been minimal.



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  1. They broke ground on the Kihei high school January 11, 2016. The people had to beg for this high school. The legislators should be the ones who see upcoming needs and deal with them. That is why they are elected. They know the increasing population. Of course, we have the “pretending to represent Maui” Senator Baker. I promise you, she just lines her own pockets with union dues and her loyalties lie elsewhere. She is not a good person, she doesn’t care about Kihei or Maui.

    Time for a new candidate. Google what democrats and republicans stand for. Are you really a Democrat? Our Maui needs are diluted by the many Democrats on Oahu. What we need, roads, schools, are lost in the Oahu Democrats needs, as they have more democratic votes. They vote as a block, we lose.

    We need to vote Republican, for the whole island. If we own the Republicans on Maui, who do you think will get their needs met? Maui. Our Maui Republicans will be fighting for Maui issues. They will have no loyalty to Oahu issues.

    To keep voting for Democrats and expecting a different outcome is the definition of crazy. How has this worked for you so far? Should we have to fight our own legislators to get our needs met? I think not. They are there to help us. They are failing miserably.

  2. KCA policy is we publish most all comments, including from non-members, even if they make disparaging comments as we see her from Jan KCA is non partisan and we do not endorse candidates. But we do look for logic and reason. We have stated numerous times if every elected state legislator from all the neighbor islands voted as a block they would still be a minority vs. Oahu. It is just simple arithmetic. So to say if all the Maui legislators were to become an even smaller minority by being in the minority party too, by not being a part of the vast ruling party would somehow help Maui achieve our goals seems completely counter productive. For several years South Maui had a Republican representative in the House, and he could achieve nothing, as he always was an outsider. We encourage everyone to register and vote the candidate of you choice using reason and logic.